DRAGONS: - (1) Bearded Dragon & (1) "Fancy" Bearded Dragon (* Brighter Colors & Sharper Patterns then normal Dragons) - GREAT WITH OUR KIDS! VERY CALM AND DON'T BITE!! TERRARIUM: Exo Terra Natural Desert Reptile & Amphibian Low Terrarium - Top Screen Lid w/Slide Locks & Front Glass Doors w/Slide Lock Exo Terra 3d Rock Reptile Terrarium Background - Multi-dimensional back wall that is ideal for climbing (3) ZOO MED™ Eco Washable/Reusable Forest Green Reptile Terrarium Carpet DECOR: (2) All Living Things® Grape Driftwood Logs All Living Things® Desert Reptile Decor Kit: - (1) decorative cave (4 x 4.5 x 3"), - (1) large rock background w/ small cave - (1) dried branch decorative ornament - (3) artificial w/weighted stone base - (2) artificial Cacti (1) reversible background paper (1) additional All Living Things® Reptile Cave (1) All Living Things® Soaking Pond Reptile Dish HEATING / LIGHTING: (1) Large Deep Dome Lamp Fixture W/ 100W UVB Fluorescent Basking Bulb (1) Reptile Spot Lamp Fixture (1) Re-adjustable standing black lamp stand (1) Exo Terra® digita Thermo-Hygro Combination Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer FOOD: - (1) food dish (3" dia x 1" tall) - (1) water dish (3" dia x 1" tall) - Bearded Dragon Calcium powder supplement - Daily Diet Soft Pellets for Juvenile Dragons - 500 Crickets w/10 gallon enclosure tote & additional small carry container & remaining cricket food and calcium cricket thirst quencher gel * (CRICKET ENCLOSURE) ZOO MED™ ECO EARTH™ Expandable Reptile Substrate Value Pack of (3) ... Each brick will make 7-8 liters of dirt $650.00 worth - still have receipt and all paper work... NOT ASKING FOR THE $650.00 JUST FOR BEST OFFER NEED GONE BY SUNDAY AS EAS (* GREAT FATHERS DAY GIFT)
Updated 14-Jun-2014